“Without You” by Tadj Hodges, Centennial Hall’s House Manager at University of Arizona

In lieu of the annual event thanking the volunteers at Centennial Hall, House Manager Tadj Hodges wrote and produced an original song titled “Without You.”

Several members of the Centennial Hall team recently created The Tucson Studio, which is now an official program of UA Presents and The University of Arizona providing resources and performance opportunities for Tucson artists. It’s at The Tucson Studio where Hodges produced this music video.

Hodges is a self-taught musician who grew up singing in choirs and playing his mother’s acoustic guitar. He’s performed in a number of independent groups over the years and is familiar with composing music. The words “flowed right out” when he sat down to create a song for the volunteers.

“A big part of that of course is how much I really do miss these people, they’ve become like family after spending so many years together. But I also knew that, since we could not come together, I had to really show them how much their absence has been felt,” thought Hodges.

This music video was produced by both Tadj Hodges and Samuel Eagon.

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Jennifer Woods



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