[VIDEO] iTheatre Collaborative’s 2019-2020 Season Highlight Reel

Enjoy this highlight reel from iTheatre Collaborative’s 2019-2020 season!

iTheatre is always striving to move its community forward artistically as a cultural resource and outlet for the community. Over the years, iTheatre has consistently produced plays that dealt with issues that are not easy: race, gender, cultural identity, religion, sexual orientation, and poverty, to name a few. This approach is about creating a “community theater company.” Not in the sense that we are an amateur theater, but one that is engaged and reflective of its community, doing professional quality work, and making a difference in people’s lives. For iTheatre, it is about relationships with other organizations and leaders, local artists, audiences, and other stakeholders, and the stories told on the stage.

iTheatre Collaborative was born on a few napkins at the Ragin’ Cajun restaurant on Cave Creek Road in late 2001. Much of what iTC is today can be found on those napkins, from the company’s name to the ideals expressed in its mission and vision statements. Founders Christopher Haines and Rosemary Close felt there was a need in the Valley to create a company that pushed the envelope and challenged local artists and audiences alike. They believed that live theater is an opportunity to affect, almost viscerally, both the audience and the artist.

The most common comment regarding iTC’s work from patrons is, “After the show, I don’t want to leave. I want to talk about what I just saw.” That is what iTheatre is about. A theater critic once described iTheatre as this: “You can’t call iTheatre Collaborative an alternative company, but rather an eclectic collective.” Time and again, iTC has produced work that is both challenging and thought-provoking to audiences and to the local artists involved in each production.


Jennifer Woods



Jennifer is a local art, food and culture evangelist whose day job is ON Stage’s managing editor. ON Stage is a publication of ON Media, which has provided programs for the arts in Arizona for over 40 years. Learn more about her and ON Media’s publications including The Red Book, The Red Book Magazine, WhereTraveler among others.


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