[VIDEO] Colleen Wants to Make Sure You Saw the Cast of Hamilton on John Krasinski’s Good News YouTube Show

Good afternoon, ON Stage readers!

We just got a note from Colleen Jennings-Roggensack (ASU Vice President for Cultural Affairs and
Executive Director of ASU Gammage) who relayed a quick note on the sweet video below. We think she’s as excited about Hamilton coming to perform at ASU Gammage in October 2020-2021.

The entire video is great, but we’ve queued up the section where the cast of Hamilton surprises a (previously) disappointed 9-year-old girl who recently missed seeing Hamilton on stage:

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Jennifer Woods



Jennifer is a local art, food and culture evangelist whose day job is ON Stage’s managing editor. ON Stage is a publication of ON Media, which has provided programs for the arts in Arizona for over 40 years. Learn more about her and ON Media’s publications including The Red Book, The Red Book Magazine, WhereTraveler among others.


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