ON Media Seeks Cover Art for 2021-2022 Edition of ON Stage AZ

ON Stage 2021 Cover Art

Calling all artists! ON Media is seeking cover art for the 2021-2022 edition of ON Stage AZ. 

ON Stage is Arizona’s only comprehensive direct-mail guide to the best live theatre entertainment options for the upcoming arts season. The publication highlights the finest musicals, plays, operas, symphonic concerts, entertainers on stage, museums, galleries, and gardens off stage. This guide features behind-the-scenes scoop and features about the performers, venues, and people who make it all come to life. Readers find an all-inclusive monthly detailed schedule; it is the readers’ datebook for show attendance, making it an invaluable keepsake for the whole season.

ON Media aims to highlight local artists on the cover page each year, holding a contest to select their winner. To be considered, artists should submit artwork that best represents the performing arts in their communities. The winner’s artwork will make its way into the homes of thousands of art enthusiasts around Arizona via a mailing list and insertion in a Sunday edition of the New York Times. Additionally, the winner receives a cash prize.

The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2021. Send submissions to [email protected] for consideration.





On Stage is your source for stories from behind the curtain and the best of what’s on stage in Arizona


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