A Message from Tucson Symphony Orchestra Conductor José Luis Gomez: Playlist of Pieces in our Upcoming 2020–2021 Classic Series

A Message from Your Conductor, José Luis Gomez: Playlist of Pieces in our Upcoming 2020–2021 Classic Series:

Our stage may be darkened, but music in Tucson always lives. Our musicians and I look forward to playing for you next season.

Our next 20/21 Classic Series is about the orchestra being in the spotlight. Here are some examples of how great orchestras worldwide shine with the great orchestra showpieces we will perform. Enjoy!

  • Classic 1: Season Opening: Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony
    4th movement: Gustavo Dudamel / Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar

See the curated YouTube playlist on Tucson Symphony Orchestra’s blog.

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TUCSON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA VISION AND MISSION The vision of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra is a community where music is the catalyst that brings people together across all boundaries for inspired living. The mission of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra is to engage, educate and transform our community through live musical experiences of the highest quality. The four pillars of this mission are: Programming: Offer diverse, exceptional and innovative programming. Engagement: Bring music to the community and the community to music. Partnership: Collaborate with others to leverage resources, build bridges and enhance programs. Learning: Develop life-skills, critical thinking and self-awareness through music.


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