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[VIDEO] PhxArt Virtual Visit: Explore India: Fashion’s Muse!

The latest fashion exhibition at Phoenix Art Museum, India: Fashion’s Muse, celebrates the extraordinary craftsmanship of fashion from India as well as the global trends and couture fantasies they’ve inspired for centuries.

Exhibiting through June 21, 2020 in the Ellman Fashion Design Gallery, and coinciding with India Fashion Week, the exhibition will feature more than 50 ensembles and an array of accessories and ephemera including 19th century examples, designer works by Pierre Balmain, Jean Louis, Branell, Bob Mackie, Versace, Olivier Lapidus, Halston, Givenchy and more from Phoenix Art Museum’s fashion collection.

Currently, the Indian community is the third largest immigrant population in Arizona, with an estimated 45,000 Indian families. India: Fashion’s Muse culminates with today’s modern Indian fashion designers who are expertly merging the exquisite craft of the ancient world with the aesthetics and technology of the 21st century.

For this Virtual Visit, we’re bringing Fashion’s Muse to you, so you and yours can experience the exhibition’s stunning ensembles and accessories, learn more about traditional garments like the sari, and discover contemporary Indian fashion designers, even during our temporary hiatus.

And here’s a short time-lapse video of exhibit preparation:

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IMAGE CREDIT, LEFT: Bill Blass, Coat of two-piece ensemble, 1980s. French silk and lurex brocade. Gift of Mrs. Hugh Downs.