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The Center for Creative Photography Welcomes Alanna Airitam’s Moving Photography in New Exhibit

The Center for Creative Photography centers its latest exhibit on Tucson-based photographer Alanna Airitam. The exhibition runs from April 16 – October 29.

Titled “Alanna Airitam: The Golden Age”, the collection honors the inspiring vision of Black Americans. Featuring 10 stunning large-scale portraits, Airitam’s collection emphasizes modern African Americans as “symbolic saints” who send a powerful message to onlookers.

“Art is powerful and can move people,” said Airitam. “I use photography as my medium to share stories, generate action, and most specifically to empower and remind people of who they really are despite how history or the media may omit, skew, or manipulate our stories to form false narratives about our humanity.”

“The Golden Age” refers to the era of portrait painting where Dutch Old Masters highlighted their sitters’ opulence by creating paintings of the merchant class. Airitam takes inspiration from these paintings in her contemporary portraits. She borrows their groundwork of dramatic lighting, rich fabrics, and using items as symbolism. Additionally, she cites the Harlem Renaissance period of blooming artistry in the 20th century by combining “Saint” with a street name in Harlem, New York to create each picture’s fictional title.

This collection finds itself in a conversation about the erasure of Black experiences in the retelling of North American history for centuries. Airitam hopes her collection provides a new visual culture centered around Black innovation, beauty, and community.

“Airitam’s project speaks to photography’s powerful role in visual culture and its ability to critically examine representation within the arts,” Said Rebecca Senf, the Center’s Chief Curator. “The Center is honored to share this Tucson-based artist’s work with our communities and to celebrate this significant project.”