ON Stage

Shine from a Distance: A Quarantine Vaudville!


Get your cameras ready, get your act together, and take it online with our Quarantine Vaudeville, SHINE…FROM A DISTANCE!

Give us 3-5 minutes of serious, funny, or downright ridiculous. It can be anything!

– Sing, dance, act!

– Impress everyone with your mastery of iambic pentameter by doing your favorite Shakespearean monologue!

– Give a short lesson in watercolors

– Show us the cool art you made with ALL THAT TOILET PAPER YOU’RE NOW HOARDING!

– Eat FIRE! (Seriously, don’t!)

Or simply share with us how and what you are doing to fulfill yourself artistically during this time of social distancing.

Seriously, what else are you doing?! Everyone has at least one talent. Share it with everyone now…from a distance!

Email your submission to news@jaltmedia.org

Originally posted on https://www.facebook.com/JALTMediaAZ