ON Stage

Phoenix Boy Choir Engages Students with Pool Party (and Christmas in July) Themed Rehearsals

It has been over a month since we closed our doors to in-person rehearsals and began our first concert cancellation. We decided almost immediately that we would not let this change impact the core of what we do. The boys needed the lifeline of their choir, so we were not willing to stop providing it to them. And we haven’t.

We are providing our regular scheduled rehearsals (now virtual) for the eighth week in a row. We are providing virtual rehearsals to all four of our choir levels: Tour, Town, Cadet and Masters. Rehearsals are held Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays. Our boys receive virtual music theory instruction on Thursdays. We are the only youth choir that is continuing to provide music instruction, music theory, choreography and solfège (ear training, pitch and sight reading). Each rehearsal is themed, Christmas in April, Pool Party, etc.

Most critically, the boys are able to check in with each other and share fellowship, which they are missing most. Our virtual talent show per choir took place Saturday, April 25th. The boys have also enjoyed a virtual movie together, complete with delivered treat bags. They are also celebrating each other’s birthdays together with virtual celebrations.

We are committed to innovation that allows us to instruct and connect with our choir members, as well as reach our audience and other youth in our community.

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