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[Digital Magazine] ON Media Honors 2019-2020 Season Arts Heroes in Tucson

Have you ever entered a theatre or museum and wondered how all this magic came together; the lighting, the set design, costumes, the exhibits? Who helped those actors on stage become who they are today…..perhaps a life-changing theatre teacher in 3rd grade?

The individuals who make the arts happen are so tirelessly committed to what they do — without them, the magic of the arts would not be what it is today. Those unsung heroes are critically important to the success of the arts community. I am sure you know of or have seen some of those behind the curtain heroes.

For the past four years, ON Media, publisher of theater programs in Phoenix and Tucson (and onstageaz.com), has honored an arts hero each month of the performing arts season.

Read all about our 2019-2020 Arts Heroes in the booklet linked below.

September 2019: Norm Testa

October 2019: Lisa Mishler

November 2019: Josh Schachter

December 2019: Lalo Baca

January 2020: Maryann Green

February 2020: Chieko Imada

March 2020: Brent Gibbs

April 2020: Christopher Cano

Sponsored by Bon Voyage Travel in Tucson, this program believes in the heroes behind the scenes. Each month a hero is selected for each city, with nominations having been submitted by the community. The hero is featured in a two-page article and photo in all theatre programs for that one chosen month. The heroes gather at the end of the season for a celebration. While diverse in interests, age and backgrounds, they are all passionate about the arts of Arizona!

Now is your chance to recognize an Arts Hero! Do you know of a hero you would like to nominate?

Go to onmediaaz.com/our-passion to submit your nomination.

Arts matter to all of us!