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I Am Arizona Opera: Emma Jackson

What was your favorite part of being an Arizona Opera costume apprentice?

My favorite part of being an apprentice was working as a dresser during the productions. Backstage was where both stage artists and production artists worked together to share their love of creating art, and it was both exciting and inspiring to be part of such a collaborative endeavor.

The costume apprenticeship allowed me to strengthen my skills as a costume shop employee while also providing me with valuable hands-on exposure to all of the different aspects of the costume department.


How has being an Arizona Opera Production Apprentice impacted you?

The apprentice program played a crucial role in my life in narrowing my professional job search. Before Arizona Opera, I worked as a seamstress for a local fashion designer in New Jersey. I had always had an interest in costumes but I wasn’t sure how I would get my foot in the door. Thanks to the Arizona Opera costume apprenticeship, I was able to give the world of costumes a real shot and, lucky for me, I ended up loving it. This apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to seek out my passion, fine-tune my skills, and narrow my field of expertise within the field of costumes.


What was the hardest part of the program?

The hardest part about being an apprentice is accepting failure. Because we are just starting out as professional technicians, frequent failure is inevitable. It was scary and embarrassing to fail at first but being an apprentice was a nice introduction on how to roll with the punches.


Why is the Arizona Opera Production Apprentice Program important?

The apprentice program is important because it offers young technicians the opportunity to gain professional experience in their field of interest while also allowing them learn new skills.

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