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CODAsummit Comes to Scottsdale During Canal Convergence | ON Stage AZ

Scottsdale Public Art and CODAworx converge as CODAsummit: The Intersection of Art, Technology, and Place.  The event comes to Scottsdale during Canal Convergence this November.

Hosted by Scottsdale Public Art,  this year’s CODAsummit takes place November 10–12 at the Scottsdale Arts campus and other locations in Old Town Scottsdale. The three-day conference invites individuals and companies to examine the effect of technology-infused art installations.

Canal Convergence is a free, 10-day public art event at the Scottsdale Waterfront. The event features light-based and interactive art installations, performances, creative workshops, educational opportunities and more.

This year’s event hits Scottsdale November 5–14. The summit will focus on a theme of “Art and Technology” in connection with CODAsummit. Scottsdale Public Art, with other branches of Scottsdale Arts, serve as chief organizer for this year’s event.

“We’re excited to return Canal Convergence to the Scottsdale Waterfront with our in-person programming, including live music, food and beverages,” said Kim Boganey, director of Scottsdale Public Art. “Additionally, we are honored to be hosting the premier public art conference, CODAsummit, which will bring visitors to Scottsdale from across the globe, many of whom will be experiencing Canal Convergence for the first time.”

Scottsdale Public Art intends to expand the public’s understanding of technology’s role in artmaking. Even more, the event explores art’s impact on society through this year’s theme.

The summit features many new, electrifying works. For example, “Say What You Will” by MASARY Studios, a Boston-based collective, appears at this year’s showing. “Say What You Will” is an interactive audio-visual installation. Viewers will see their expressions realized through light and video projected above the Arizona Canal.

Additionally, Canal Convergence continues to explore augmented reality technology. The event includes artworks entirely based in AR. Namely, “Mirage” by Los Angeles artist Nancy Baker Cahill.

Created specifically for Canal Convergence, “Mirage” speaks to the event’s sustainability focus. The piece includes AR animated water droplets, sand granules, and an hourglass that appear above the Arizona Canal. During the day, the piece reflects the Arizona sun and at night, utilizes the glowing moon. “Mirage” uses the Hoverlay app to provide access to the work, adding to the AR experience.

Toni Sikes, CODAworx CEO, said CODAsummit focuses on the undeniable shift of technology’s role in major artworks. The summit aims to assemble artists, technology companies, commissioners and leaders from the art world to promote the fusion of arts and technology.


“The theme of this year’s conference is Creative Revolution,” Sikes said. “We believe that artists and other creative professionals are more important to our society than ever before. Often their work is fueled by the desire to solve real-world problems or to raise provocative questions or to offer a refuge from those real-world problems.”

Primarily, CODAworx connects artists, designers, architects, art consultants, and more through the internet. The group matches creative talent with creative opportunities. Also, the organization produces the online CODAmagazine and annually hosts CODAawards.

Foundationally, CODAsummit plans to cover the reimagining of public art. Presenters like Canal Convergence artist Ryan Edwards, of MASARY Studios, and James Carpenter, founder of James Carpenter Design Associates will take the stage. Carpenter will give the keynote address.

Visit CODAworx.com/codasummit-2021/ for information about CODAsummit.

Further Canal Convergence artworks and information about performances, workshops and other aspects of the event will be added to the event website at CanalConvergence.com.