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Behind the Scenes at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts with JJ Hansen, Full-Time Theater Tech

For this week’s Backstage blog post, we invited one of our full-time production staff members to write about a topic that is passionate to them.

I have always been attracted to the unique aspect of working in the world of live performance. People outside of the theater don’t often know the day-to-day or in-between of what it takes to get a show onto the stage, and some of those experiences can be the most rewarding. The beauty of live performance is that it requires teamwork and collaboration. Currently, a lot of us are missing that community and camaraderie that we are all so used to having.

An organization like ours has many friendly faces that interact with our audience on a daily basis, greeting them as they enter our lobby, welcoming them back to the comfort of the Virginia G. Piper Theater. Some faces which are rarely seen are often hidden in the shadows, behind curtains, or literally beneath the stage. I’m not joking, our tech staff offices are beneath the stage.

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