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Arizona Opera Costume Shop Making Masks for Healthcare Workers

The Arizona Opera Marlu Allan and Scott Stallard Costume Shop has joined forces with Make a Mask to create mask covers for our amazing healthcare professionals.

As a nation, we face a massive shortage of personal protective equipment against COVID-19. Make a Mask and Arizona Opera aim to tap into our common humanity to help keep healthcare supporters safe and protected as they help fight this pandemic. These mask covers are a two-layer cotton mask cover to be worn over N95 masks to increase its life. The cotton material allows them to be washed so they can be reused. Mask covers have already been sent out to medical staff in Austin, New York City, Reno, Santa Barbara, and Phoenix!

Kevin Maskell, Bravo Supporter of Arizona Opera, is just one of the many essential workers who was unable to gain access to a mask. With the help of Arizona Opera and Make a Mask, he was able to acquire one of these homemade masks to help keep him safe and healthy while at work.