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ONStageAZ.com is your source for stories from behind the curtain and the best of what’s on stage in Arizona

ON Stage is both a digital and an annual print publication of ON Media. ON Stage started in 2014 as a collaborative arts season preview guide in Phoenix and Tucson that is direct mailed each September to the collective mailing list of arts partner patrons. ON Media has been the official publisher of Arizona’s most revered performing and visual arts groups in Arizona for over 40 years. If you’ve been to a performance or exhibit at Arizona Opera, ASU Gammage, Arizona Theater Company, Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix Art Museum, The Phoenix Symphony, Tucson Symphony Orchestra, or any of our 25+ arts partners, you’ve held an ON Media publication.

Since the company was founded in 1976, ON Media has maintained a community-driven strategy that the performing arts program (“playbill”) is to be provided to the arts patron and to the arts group at no charge challenging the traditional purpose of a playbill. Rather than simply print liner notes, ON Media uses it as an opportunity to educate arts patrons and connect arts groups together, encouraging them to message among the group of publications to raise the tide for all.

Annually, over 2 million programs/guides are given to arts organizations in Phoenix and Tucson, allowing the organizations to put their monies toward enhancing the magic on stage or on exhibit. In ON Media programs, patrons learn about upcoming shows/exhibits, and other arts and culture events. The reader is introduced to profiles of those behind the curtain, a program called Arts Heroes. The monthly “Arts Heroes” editorial feature celebrates approximately seventeen individuals between Phoenix and Tucson each year. Nominate an arts hero here.

ON Media has grown its portfolio from not just publishing programs for the arts, but in addition, The Red Book, The Red Book Magazine, azredbook.com and most recently Where Traveler which connects visitors to Phoenix/Scottsdale and Tucson. ON Media also partners with other organizations such as Arizona Highways to assist in advertising sales.

ON Media reaches 5.5 million patrons through their print and digital publications annually.

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